Keep Up to 95% of your commissions with RE/MAX SELECT!

Ask yourself, why am I giving my broker 30%+ of my hard earned money?

Same work, more money, RE/MAX SELECT REALTY.

Yearly Commission Calculator

Gross Commission Before Split: $0.00
Broker's Net Commission: $0.00
Your Net Commission: $0.00
Your Net Commission with RE/MAX Select: $0.00

Single-Deal Commission Calculator

Broker % Agent % Your Commission
50% 50% $0.00
40% 60% $0.00
41% 59% $0.00
Your Current Split: 40% 60% $0.00
RE/MAX Select Split: 10% 90% $0.00


Create custom one-on-one branding with RE/MAX Select’s in-house creative media department, that offers:

Print Advertising

  • Flyers, Brochures, Postcards
  • Personal Website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Training Seminars
  • Billboard
  • Virtual Tours
  • Email Blasts
  • Radio
  • TV Commercials

Branded Marketing

  • Listing Presentations
  • Agent Brochure
  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Logo Design

The creative media department helps you build your brand so you can continue to focus on the most important part of your business: Your Clients

In-house Training

RE/MAX University available on Demand 24/7

  • Access hundreds of FREE Videos and Webinars
  • Sign up for Designations and Advanced Courses
  • Available at and on your mobile device
  • What matters most!

Bi-Annual Training Schedules Brush up on everything from the basics to advanced marketing, prospecting, and business building! Classes are taught by industry professionals and experienced brokers at the Select Realty Corporate Center.


Broker Access

RE/MAX SELECT is dedicated to Agent and Client service. It is the root of our success. That is why we have developed two comprehensive outlets for you to get your questions answered quickly and accurately.

Broker Chat App

Our Broker Chat Application allows you as an agent to ask your question to a pool of 5 or more brokers simultaneously so that you get a quick and effective answer.

Select Broker Hotline

If your question requires a deeper more in depth explanation you can call theSelect Broker Hotline and reach the same pool of brokers via phone to carry a conversation with them about the question you have.


Leads are the lifeblood of the real estate industry. At RE/MAX SELECT we are dedicated to making sure that each agent gets a share of the action.

Every Agent Receives

  • 100% of their own leads
  • Corporate lead generation
  • Local lead generation
  • Listing syndication from Zillow, Trulia,,, etc.
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